The unique and promising Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld takes us in layers to an exponential, rhythmic, well-grounded and credible validation which places him close to those foundational artists from the New York seventies. This eccentricity, which affects the balance of the body, creates style; it is an open path ready to be explored.

Roger Salas. El País 24 Abril 2011

An analysis of time-linearity and the perception of discrete events in differentiated moments and places would be enough for a lot of philosophical thesis. In Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld’s work, let alone its design and realization, the interesting part is this philosophical approach.

We find here two complementary and very interesting topics, very well designed and performed. Each one has its secret in the mise-en-scene, and the performers know how to get advantage from them.

Julio Castro – laRepú 1st May 2011

The idea behind the futuristic performance EDIT is good: the challenge of the limits of the body in the cinema screen and the game between real life and the life projected on a television. Interesting role game and the multiplication of reality (real, rushed and projected).

Silvia Ferrari. Il Giornale di Vicenza


La Fundición, Bilbao


Springforward - B-Motion

CSS Bonaventura, Bassano del Grappa, Italy


El Grec

La Caldera, Barcelona


FIDCU - Festival Internacional de Danza Contemporánea de Uruguay

Sala Subte, Montevideo, Uruguay


Madrid en Danza

Centro Comarcal La Cabrera, Comunidad de Madrid


La ventana de la danza

Teatro Carlos III, Madrid


Monográfico Cuerpo e Imagen

La Alhóndiga, Bilbao

28+29+30/04/2011 + 1/05/2011

Teatro Pradillo, Madrid


En tránsito

La Casa Encendida, Madrid

Download here the text “Tus recuerdos están fragmentados” (only in spanish)
Written for ExMonografikoa 01 published by La Alhóndiga BilbaoEDIT_EN_files/EDIT%20Tus%20recuerdos%20estan%20fragmentados.pdf

EDIT (2010) is an insight into the world of cinema and the world of the scene. It’s the battle of man against time, a man who struggles between continuity and discontinuity. It’s an exploration towards the limits of movement perception.

EDIT is a performance that becomes a video installation. After the performance the audience is invited to enter the scene where they will discover the other side of the reality they have just seen.

Performance + video installation

A piece by Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld

Light design and technician : Daniel R. Boto

Voice : Mehdi Dehbi

EDIT has received the support from the program Artistas en Residencia from La Casa Encendida, Aula de Danza de Alcalá de Henares, Tanzfabrik Berlin and SUDHUM Teatro.

Performance selected by Aerowaves Europe, s a cross-border dance performance network offering opportunities to younger artists working in Europe.

Thanks to Lucía Carballal, Daniel Abreu, Román Torre and Yoann Trellu.



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