EJECT (2012) forms, with PLAY (2006) and EDIT (2010), a trilogy based on choreographic and audiovisual research.

EJECT is the definitive button, the most human function of the video-player. It restores physicality to all the images contained in a video-tape. It is a qualitative jump: it doesn't make you move forward or backwards, it doesn’t produce any happy or unhappy ending. Instead it breaks the spell of fiction. The video-cassette softly glides out of the machine stepping up our awareness another notch. It is the escape from one representation into a larger one which contains it, moving towards an infinite number of possible frames...

EJECT is a choreographic essay for three multiplied bodies. It’s a reflection about memory as a degraded accumulation and the elastic quality of time.

This piece is inspired by the cinematographic concept of framing, which defines the limits of a specific reality. Re-framing changes the point of view and the body adapts to the new configuration. This action of zooming out from a perceived set to a larger one that contains it awakens our awareness.

A piece by

Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld


Janet Novás and Ligia Manuela Lewis

Music and programming

Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld


Daniel R. Boto

With support from PACT Zollverein (Essen), La Caldera (Barcelona) and Espacio en Blanco (Madrid)

Produced by Sudhum Teatro with the support of Comunidad de Madrid

Thanks to Mehdi Dehbi, Gustavo del Río, Román Torre, Carles Rigual and Laura Kumin

Selected in Circuito de la Red de Teatros Alternativos 2013 and in the overseas catalog AECID 2015


Centro Juan de Salazar

Asunción, Paraguay


Festval VideoDanzaBA

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Dança em Transito

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


During TEFAT

Theater aan het vrijthof, Maastricht


Teatro Xtremo, Jaén


La Grada, Madrid


La Fundición, Sevilla

Mes de Danza.


Teatro Victoria, Tenerife


3, 2, 1. Encuentro Internacional de Nuevas Formas Escénicas

La Alhóndiga, Bilbao +info


Festival Internacional Madrid en Danza

Sala Cuarta Pared, Madrid


The dancer and maker Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld (Madrid, 1981) culminates now in 2012 his trilogy with EJECT. I’ve seen the three proposals and I can say that there is an evident thread of development, gaining a broader esthetic sense and increasing  the product value.

Esbert breaths deeply in the here and now. The loops slowly produces the desired effect: a perfect canon in the projection screen. A feeling of damaged virtuosity.

Pablo Esbert shows himself, once again, as the curious artist that he is and defines a style in his research with formulas always close to performance and de-construction languages.

Roger Salas. El País, 24th November 2012



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